Saturday, January 28, 2012

What just a few days can do

I was wheat-free for most of the day yesterday. Made a dairy- and gluten-free cake with a friend, a recipe from this book:

We made the Gluten-Free Basic Vanilla Cake. I hit a couple of snags, like using vanilla rice milk instead of just plain rice milk (didn't use almond milk because my 4yo niece is allergic to nuts and was going to share the cake with us and the vanilla rice milk was the only other alternative in the house), so the resulting flavour was very vanilly. And I undercooked it. And I didn't make the chocolate sauce for it and that would have been really, really good. In any case, I was a little worried because I don't think I've ever had gluten-free cake before, and this one was vegan on top of it, but it tasted good enough for people to come back for seconds, despite the mushy, undercooked middle! lol. It will definitely be one to make again. I really want to make the chocolate gluten-free cake, but I have to find sorghum flour first. Hm.

For supper, I had wheat, so later on, when I wanted a little something, I decided to have one of my son's double chocolate muffins that were left. These are the ones that the other day I realized I could have just eaten one after another all morning and never felt really satisfied. (Did I post that? I was feeling it, even if I didn't post it.) I had a couple of bites and it did not taste like it usually does. Did 3 days this week of mostly unprocessed and wheat-free food change me that quickly? It seems to have. I LOVE those muffins, but not last night. I finished because I didn't want to waste it, not because I wanted it. Confession: I had grabbed 2 because that's how many I usually eat since they're not huge. I put one back. That is not like me. lol. I really don't even want another one now. And then I felt blah afterwards. I understand a little more now how people get started on raw, feel amazing and don't want to leave it!

I like my sweets though. lol. That muffin was just totally unsatisfying, both in taste and in the stomach, so what to do now? I know: I'll head over to Rawdorable and find some raw recipes I can make. :) Of course, there is still a little cake left over from yesterday, too. ;) (Isn't that something? I would prefer the undercooked, gluten-free vegan cake over what used to be my yummy double chocolate muffins.)

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  1. You are so sweet. Thanks for the shoutout.

    I've noticed that the longer I'm high raw and grain-free, the less I want the other stuff. I actually crave the raw versions of cupcakes, rather than the baked kind. The best part about cupcakes is their cuteness, which probably explains why I could care less about cake over the years, but found cupcakes to be irresistible.

    Sounds like you did an okay job baking your first gluten-free cake. Gluten-free baking is tricky. If people came back for seconds, count it as a success :-)