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What is a -Free page without free resources?

As I create and find downloadable/printable things to share with you, they will show up here!

A couple of very simple food trackers I came up with quickly:

  • Track your food by time: Essentially, each time you eat, you write down the time, what you ate and why you chose to eat that and at that time--were you hungry? were you just bored? did you just feel like it? did you eat that item because you didn't want to take the time to cut an apple? Be specific! It's for your own self-awareness.
  • Track your food by meal: Same thing as above, but by meal rather than by time.
Which one to choose? That depends on you. Some people have a tendency to nibble all day long and a meal chart won't be helpful enough. Some people prefer to have things more compartmentalized or only eat at meals and the meal tracker will work better.

If you really don't know, you can try both for a few days and see which one helps you be more aware! That's what these charts are all about: becoming aware of what we are eating and why.

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