Friday, July 27, 2012

A Mid-Summer Update

Wow, I didn't realize it had been almost a month since I last posted! Eek!

Since last month, my family and I have gone on a trip to Victoria and Kelowna, both in British Columbia. Some time to just have fun is always important! :)

My husband has most of the pictures on his phone, but here's a picture of French Beach, not far from Victoria. We spent a few hours there, mainly enjoying the tidal pools with all the wildlife: little crabs, a pleco, tons of tiny little hermit crabs running around everywhere (even fighting at times!) and more. It was absolutely fascinating!

*sigh* Blogger insists on having this picture this way.
French Beach; that's Washington state on the other side of the strait. We did not get a phone signal until we had gone so far down the beach that we managed to get an AT&T signal from the US!

Since getting back, we have been working on having a clutter-free basement. It's still not done. :/ There's a lot of stuff to go through, a lot of stuff that accumulates during 11 years in a house! Especially with growing kids and running a home daycare! My dayhome (that's what we call home daycares here) has come to an end for full-time children and I will only have my nieces and nephew after school in the fall. The youngest of them will be 5 and no more babies in the house, so I'm giving a lot of stuff away, both to people and to Goodwill. We're also finding a ton of clothes. It seems our cat, who is always trying to escape, thought that there might be another way to escape the house?

A lot of garbage and recycling has gone out, too. The basement and crawl space are looking so much better! There is still quite a bit to go through, but I'd say it's more than half done. The more clutter-free it becomes, the happier we are! If you've had a cluttered area that you've been ignoring, it's so worth the hassle and frustration and work

One thing that has not been good since getting back is junk-free and overall healthy eating. It's starting to affect me: huge sugar cravings, sinus issues (I used to have sinus issues all the time; I haven't in ages and I am not liking it!!)... I worked yesterday at getting back on track by eating a lot more fruit, which that alone reduced my huge sugar craving. Food is so important! I think it's by eating better and feeling better, then "slipping up" that it really hits how important it is; it's too easy to get used to things slowly get worse and worse and not realize just how much we are being affected by food we really shouldn't be eating, or eating in the quantities we do.

That's it for now! There is laundry to be done. Wouldn't it be nice to have a laundry-free life? :D