What is the __-Free Life?

Well, it's a life that is free of whatever you want it to be free of!

For me, I'm aiming for:
*artificial chemicals-free
*stress-free (is that possible? how about negative stress-free?)

This is a site dedicated to those who are looking to make changes in their lives, mainly in how they eat, but it can be more than that. I find that my eating choices are so dependent on my life management that I am including it in with the site, too.

I found out about a decade ago that I had a sensitivity toward dairy. Over time, it has become worse and worse, to the point that I can not eat dairy at all without there clearly being some sort of negative physical effect. I have issues with soy--soy sensitivity often goes along with dairy sensitivities. My body is clearly telling me that there's more I need to be free of--wheat? grains? Added chemicals? Not sure, but I'm on a path to figure it out.

Seeing recently how many people in my more-or-less immediate circle are seeking to change their diets to find something that will work well for their bodies, including many people who have eliminated grains or processed foods with almost immediate health benefits, tells me that there are a lot of people with food sensitivities, a lot of people seeking to change for health and even minor weight loss benefits.

Therefore, welcome to this site and whatever it may have to offer you! I hope to provide various resources available over time as I continue down this journey of mine toward a lifestyle that is free of problematic foods and if you are on the same journey as I am, please hang around, comment on posts and asks questions. It always helps to know someone else is on the same path you are.

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