Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If only I could eat raw peaches...

This peach pie by Mimi Kirk looks absolutely delectable! I would love to try this recipe--but at the moment, I react to raw peaches. I hope that over time, as I remove problematic foods and chemicals from my diet, I will be able to eat something like this.

I should maybe have added elsewhere that my diet is currently:
*dairy-free (except for ghee--I don't react to that!)
*raw apple-free
*raw peach-free
*raw plum-free
*raw nectarine-free
*raw snap pea-free
*certain nuts-free (can't remember which ones at the moment; Brazil nuts? sometimes raw almonds, sometimes not)

The apple reaction started when I was pregnant with my son in 2000. It seems to be related to a birch bark allergy, and thereby things in the same botanical family (I think that's it?) also cause me problems. There are times when I can have a small amount and my mouth won't itch, other times not. I even have to wash my hands after handling the fruits and peas above because if I touch my eyes, they will itch like crazy. I have read in different sources how people have gotten over their allergies after changing their diets and removing toxins and problem foods. I hope I'll be one of them. :)

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