Thursday, January 26, 2012

Doing another wheat-free day

I decided to not do wheat-free yesterday and, naturally, ended up eating way too many grains over the course of the day (double chocolate muffins, yes, muffins, grilled cheese sandwich, can't even remember what I ate for lunch...) and, well, was rather gassy last night and a bit this morning. Ick. I do think it's likely to be related to my grains over-consumption, if not the wheat alone, so I'm going for wheat-free again today. I am, however, 2 lbs down from earlier in the week. Hard to say if it's due to a change in what I've been eating or just a natural fluctuation.

It is really hard to do an anything-free day without planning ahead, so here's my food plan for the day:

*green smoothie: I've made nearly a litre! and I relearned a lesson: never add stuff while the blender's still going... I might not drink it all this morning and keep some for the afternoon

*if I'm still hungry for breakfast, wheat-free cereal. I have Rice Krispies, Hemp Plus (not guaranteed to not have traces of wheat), gluten-free Crunchy Maple Sunrise, not sure what else.
*snacks, if needed: I have bananas, oranges, grapes, blueberries, pomegranate, a honeydew and a grapefruit. The trick will be to take the time to prepare any of them if I'm hungry; I don't want to prepare ahead of time and it not get eaten.

*large salad with an Amy's Gluten-Free bean and rice burrito
*if I need more, I can have some carrots and hummus
*snack ideas: cashews; almonds; make a little trail mix of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and raisins; celery sticks with hummus or with peanut butter and raisins

*eek! I'm not sure. I only have burgers and ground beef and don't have what I would need for wheat-free vegetable soup. I suppose we could have hamburgers (I have some wheat-free veggies burgers I could eat, then it'd be a vegetarian day, too!) and I would just go bunless and have another large salad. Or maybe I can find some sort of recipe for the ground beef, like meatloaf using Rice Krispies or something... And serve with potatoes.

Some things to figure out this morning, but it gives a kind of idea of how to have a wheat-free day. Figuring out a variety to maintain a week, or even just half a week, is my next challenge, I think.

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