Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Welcome to this blog!

Changes will come over the next weeks as I learn to tweak everything the way I want it to be. For the time being, let this serve as an introduction to the site.

The idea for a "___-Free Life" came to me recently as I thought about all the things I would like from my life:

*a dairy-free diet
*a wheat-free diet
*a meat-free diet
*a processed food-free diet
*a clutter-free home

and so on.

At the same time, the shortened name--yearningforafreelife--also implies a sense of freedom to our days. This fits completely with my search for better time management and achievement of goals, which may very well show up here.

I'm surely not the only one out there with a blog like this. My site is probably nothing new. It's really for me and if others find their way here and we are able to support each other, that is great! But not necessary. It is as much a place of self-exploration as it is of sharing and support.

The vision I have for this site is one in which I share my goals, my struggles, my findings, connect people with resources and more. It will evolve over time as I do. ;)

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