Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 28--Yes, I'm Still Alive! lol

Still alive, just having a ridiculously busy week. My regular weeks, which are already busy, plus a fancy birthday party last Sunday and Christmas shopping and running two gift-making classes... The supper on Sunday was fantastic: the restaurant even had a special menu for special diets. There was even a raw menu. This is practically unheard of where I live, unless you go to some vegetarian restaurant, which this was not. This is among the high-end restaurants in town! I didn't eat from the raw menu, but did take from the vegan menu and was so excited to be able to actually have dessert. lol.

As an update to my progress: Some days have lacked in raw due to lack of groceries, and then when we got groceries, because I live in winter wonderland, the fruit wasn't yet raw (EDIT: RIPE. lol). It looked promising yesterday that it would be ready today. Yesterday actually lacked raw in part because of my being so busy. A girl in my Monday afternoon class brought me -free banana bread (gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free...) and there was still some left and it was an easy breakfast. Rest of the morning, I was in class. Lunch time was busy again with cleaning stuff up from that class and getting ready for the second class. I did make sure to get a salad with supper, so that's all good.

As far as I know, I've been gluten-free--except for the sausage that first day--ever since my daughter decided to go gluten-free. She did "cheat" on Sunday, then had nothing again until yesterday. Tuesday or Wednesday she declared herself really feeling completely well for the first time in a long time. And that the wheat-based foods she used to love weren't as appealing to her anymore. We went to the grocery store and all the foods she used to go, "Mmmmm" were just a kind of "Meh." "Except cookies," she said. ;) In any case (excuse my brain this morning), she did have gluten yesterday and no immediate stomach ache or anything. We'll see if she has any symptoms today.

In terms of what gluten-free has done for me, I'm not entirely sure. At first, I thought it was nothing. But I did have a bit of a skin breakout, more of a rash pattern than true acne, which could have been related. And my weight is staying 4 lbs down from where I started, even though I'm having some days without much in terms of fruits and vegetables. That is different. Normally, that causes my weight to bounce up a couple of pounds. I'm kind of worried now about eating gluten again. lol. I've got plans for "butter" tarts (no, I am NOT making a gluten-free crust ;)) and when we'll be at my mom's, I'll probably have to eat gluten or starve. I'm thinking I need to bring something to add to the Christmas meal--I won't be able to eat the turkey because she always uses butter for the basting, she did make me butter-free stuffing last time, she messed up on the potatoes last time and I couldn't eat those and the only other thing she serves--other than brussel sprouts, which I can't stand--is cranberry sauce. Which I don't even really like, but I can make myself eat. (Can't make myself eat the brussel sprouts.) I think I need to figure out something to bring, just in case! Heck, even a small platter of cut fresh veggies would be great.

My exercise component of my challenge: I actually had to stop a couple of days, but have been doing the yoga (missed one day this week, I think). The reason I had to stop was I started causing a flare up of the IT band: burning sensation, tightness (which I could feel just laying in bed) and knee pain. I did do some exercises last night, not as many as I had been, and my IT band is telling me this morning I should have done only the yoga. I had upped the number of repetitions and while it felt fine doing them, it was apparently too much.

All right, I've actually got to get going here. Raw morning it will be though! :)

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  1. I always bring some food to gatherings. It makes life easier for me. Sometimes it is raw and other times cooked. lately, I've been bringing a variety of roasted veggies (I actually enjoy brussel sprouts; my mother makes a yummy roasted recipe with pure maple syrup added for some sweetness) to share and a veggie rice/quinoa dish. I'm lucky that most houses I go to have a fruit and veggie platter.

    Merry Christmas Eve! :-)