Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Flab-Free Challenge

LOL. (Yes, laughing at myself at my choice of titles.)

All right, it's not even 2013, but I stopped by the library and a book on display has become my next fitness challenge guide:

Clicking will bring you to the Amazon US listing.

I had a look at it and it looks like it's easy to do and is based on how much a person can push themselves, which means for things that may aggravate my IT-band, I just do what I can and leave it at that. It's designed to be for everybody, including those of us who haven't properly exercised in ages. My kind of book! lol. It has a devotional component which suits me just fine, but someone who wasn't interested in the spiritual fitness aspect of the book could ignore it. I won't be following the food options since I'll be working on my own individualized food goals and with food allergies/sensitivities and strong dislikes, there's too much I just wouldn't eat. The book also goes into an additional 28 days, so it's really kind of a 56-day program, if someone decided to do it all, which I will if the first 28 days make a difference. :)

One thing they say to do is to journal: write down each day how many of the exercises you did, how long it took and all that. I haven't decided if I will post that all here or on the forum they have on their website It doesn't seem used much, which means if I post there, I don't know that I'll have the kind of accountability that could be useful. If I post here, you all might get pretty bored. We'll see.

I see no reason to wait until January 1st, when I'll be tired from having stayed up late and less motivated to get it done and the waiting will just encourage procrastination, so I started today! Today's exercise, after a 3-minute walking warm-up, was just to provide a baseline, and here's mine:

Inclined push-ups: 10 (so sad... lol. I have a decent amount of strength to lift things, but my shoulders aren't very strong, apparently!)
Crunches: 27 (not horrid...)
Time: 1 minute 47 seconds

The way the program is set up is that there are 4 mandatory workout days each week. These are the exercises for this week, if I've previewed properly. That's it. The goal: Beat each previous day's number of reps and/or time.

Are you waiting to start some fitness goals? What are they?

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