Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 21!

It is Day 21! And I'm finding today to be a huge challenge!

Actually, yesterday, I did not do my exercises. By the time I got myself to bed--at 9:27 pm, so we're not talking late here--I was so exhausted, I gave myself permission to skip for just yesterday. My husband got home from a school play between 9:30 and 9:45 and I was completely out already! I normally take at least a few minutes to fall asleep, but I'm pretty sure it was less than a minute last night.

Today, I do need to make sure to get those exercises and yoga in! But there's so much else on my mind today, like:

  • What is my daughter going to eat for lunch?
  • What will she eat for supper?
  • Am I going to stick with gluten-free, too?
  • How long will the line at the post office be since today's the last recommended day to get cards send to the US in time for Christmas?
  • My cards aren't even done. Am I going to be able to finish them today?
  • I have run out of fruit to make a green smoothie. What will I eat? The little clementine I ate is not nearly enough. And when am I going to have time to pick up some groceries? We don't have anymore potatoes either, just one carrot... 
That's my mind this morning. Goodness.

I need food right now. And to finish Christmas cards. I suppose if worse comes to worst, my 15-year old can use her new gluten-free bread to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or supper and then... um... not sure what the other meal could be. (I don't even have Daiya cheese to make my own gluten-free grilled cheese...)

A little update on my 15-year old: Yesterday was her second full gluten-free day. She felt great all day, was in a great mood all day, no stomach issues, well rested... I'm amazed at how quickly things have changed for her! She's still in bed, so we'll have to see later if she's just as rested today as yesterday. We will test at some point, most likely, if it's gluten or just wheat, but for now, focusing on gluten-free as much as possible.

But seriously, what are we going to eat today? lol

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  1. Wow! You are busy. SO glad to hear the gluten-free thing is working for your daughter.