Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 18 Pre-Christmas Challenge--2 Weeks to Go!

There are only 2 weeks left before Christmas starts for me (we start on Dec. 24th)!

Two weeks doesn't seem like a very long time. My mind is saying, "Not a lot can be done in 2 weeks." Well, pooh on you negativity! I've just finished 2 weeks and reported on some of my progress yesterday. Is it a lot? Maybe not. But it's something. And with another 2 weeks, I can hopefully at least double that something.

I know this is going to require more focus on my part. I really need to get those fruits and veggies in. I just have to if I want to feel better, enjoy better health and, yes, lose the extra weight, be it fat or water. Doing more exercise would be helpful, too--without going overboard.

So, you know what? It's only 6:40 am here as I type this. I'm up earlier than usual, so why not take advantage of it? I think I will go walk on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes. What's something you can do today? Some extra thing to help you reach your ultimate health or fitness goal?

See you later. ;)


  1. I always feel better with plenty of fruits and veggies, too. I also get up extra early every day, so it is easy to get my workout done ahead of when the kids wake up. It is 6:18 a.m. as I type this. I've been out of bed since a little after 5 a.m.

    1. I used to be up that early all the time and then I got seriously sick earlier this year and managed to start sleeping in until 6:30-7 for the first time in years and started actually feeling rested. I apparently need my sleep in the morning more than exercise. lol. When I am awake really early now, I don't think to exercise, but I should!