Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 4 of a Complaint-Free Life

Oops, I forgot to post yesterday! Regardless, today is day 4 and I've made the decision to not just have a 7-day complaint-free time but make it a lifelong habit. What use is there in complaining? I don't mean so much letting, say, a business know that they have done something incorrectly; that's providing useful information. But plain ol' complaining is just there to have you be unhappy and grumbly.

Things I've learned about myself the past few days trying not to complain:

*Games are difficult to not have the impulse to complain. Rolling the wrong thing on the die over and over, or playing Candy Crush Saga...

*Driving is a huge area I need to restrain myself with. Not my driving, but other drivers. "Why did you do that?" I'll complain to a driver in front of me who can't even hear me. Things like that.

*Computers in general. Maybe they're being slow or buggy or just not cooperating. I have a tendency to get frustrated and complainy. (Sure, it's a word.)

*People in my house. Yes, my family members. I have realized I think complaints about them more than I knew. It saddens me. But now I'm on a better, more positive path, so with awareness comes the possibility of something better.

Are you doing the "No Complaining" challenge? What have you realized? If you haven't started, why not join in now?

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