Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Does life ever go as planned?


My plans yesterday didn't work out.

I thought I had everything to make the Shepherd's Pie from How It All Vegan. Well, technically I did when I had originally planned to make it this week, except that when I went into the fridge yesterday, some of the ingredients were old and rotten, but I forgot they were what I was counting on for the recipe. And then I forgot that the recipe calls for soy milk, which I don't really ever use, but my mind simply processed it as a non-dairy milk, which I had.

What I needed was not a non-dairy milk, but rice milk.

I don't have any rice milk in the house, only almond milk. I've made mashed potato topping in the past with almond milk and it tasted very strange to all of us. I had contemplated going out after my niece was picked up, but by the time that happened and after her mom and I had talked a bit, it was kind of late. I ended up searching for a decent vegetarian or vegan meal I could serve my family very quickly. Ended up deciding on potato and onion perogies with cooked green beans and raw veggies. I should have made more green beans than I did because they disappeared. The perogies (store-bought) had egg in them, so not vegan, but it was a meatless meal for Meatless Monday! Our first! lol. It does mean, however, that I did not stay grain-free and wheat-free. I think I ought to be able to today. (I keep having Kathy Freston's words coming into my mind when I start getting all "absolute" on the change: "Lean into it." Just a little note to myself here: Lean into it. It's okay if we aren't having every meal vegan and wheat-free!)

This afternoon, I should be able to pick up the necessary ingredients to make the Shepherd's Pie tonight. I'm a little nervous, looking at the ingredients, but they said that it has guests coming back for seconds. *crossingfingers* I guess if I want to continue the trend, I'm going to have to figure out a veg*n supper for tomorrow night. And make sure I get the necessary ingredients today. ;)

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