Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Afternoon Adventure (or Why I Don't Believe In Weather Forecasts)

I was all set to get the missing ingredients for the Shepherd's Pie: go pick up my niece and nephew from school with my 4-year old niece and the 2-year old little guy in tow; stop at grocery store for the couple of items I needed with the 4 kids in tow [as I type this, I'm thinking to myself, "Um, the plan wasn't a good one to start with!"]; go home; start supper.

That was the plan.

And then it started to rain.

Not just rain, but at times torrential rain.

Monday, they were predicting 20% chance of rain for yesterday with a mix of sun and cloud. When I looked mid-morning, it had changed to 40% with clouds all day.

It rained for over 3 hours at my place. So much for 40%. But I'm off track here.

I headed off with the 4-year old and 2-year old in the van. It was raining lightly at that point; we'd had a short-lived deluge earlier, but it wasn't bad when we left to go pick up my niece and nephew. Which was good since the 2-year old had arrived without a coat today. (It was clear skies this morning and nice; you can hardly blame his dad. Besides, they had predicted a low chance of rain and a mix of sun and cloud!)

Within minutes of leaving my house, my wipers were on full blast and despite that, I was having some serious visibility problems. Even while stopped at a red light. This lasted for a good stretch of the road. I arrived at my niece and nephew's school a little early and the rain calmed down while we waited. Then it picked up again when I had to go into the school...with the 4-year old and the coatless 2-year old.

And this was just going to be the first leg of my trip.

The thought of torrential rain potentially returning while I tried to take 4 kids in and out of a grocery store--and just realizing the sheer amount of time it would take with 4 kids--cancelled all thoughts of actually going with them. Before the cancellation, my mind went through, "How important is it to you to have a vegan supper tonight?" My immediate mental response: "Not that important." I might one day have a higher level of commitment and forge ahead despite such rain, or perhaps I'll have enough vegan recipes under my belt that I'll whip something else up when a plan falls through, but for today, that commitment was not there. Not for that kind of rain. For which, had I known it would be that bad, I would have changed my dinner plans in the morning, possibly figuring out something else that was vegan with what we have in the house, instead of finding myself late afternoon in an insane downpour and realizing that it just wasn't going to happen and I'd have to figure out something else for supper very quickly.

Forecasts. Huh. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing! ;D

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