Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 5 and feeling fine

(I'm lol'ing myself: As I went to type "fine" for the subject, I wrote "five"--Day 5 and feeling five? lol)

It is Day 5 on my 3rd or 4th attempt at following Tommy Europe's 10-Pound Shred Book. Another 26 days to go! I guess I should recap yesterday's food, but it's blurry, except for the horrible-for-me takeout I had last night. (Tommy would make me do a "butt kick" if I were on his show and he found out I had strayed from eating well.) On the flip side, I could tell this morning my body wasn't super happy with having eaten it. I don't regret having had it, but I am paying attention and am less likely to eat that again. Not only that, but I usually want breakfast by 8am; I ate for the first time after 10am this morning. I probably had enough calories and a bogged down digestive system that I simply didn't need to eat. The book says to make sure you're fuelled and don't skip meals and snacks and I usually don't/can't (start feeling faint), but I really had enough "fuel" from last night to keep me going this morning. And actually, even though it's after 3pm and I've usually had quite a bit to eat by now (well, by my standards), all I've had today were Ani Phyo's Coconut Breakfast Cakes and a small bowl of green grapes. I think my body still wants to clear out last night's food.

I did my workout a little later than usual this morning. I felt no need to get myself up at 6am to fit it all in by 7am when it's Saturday and I don't have kids showing up at 8am. (I run a home daycare.) Today was a cardio day. Tommy says he doesn't like cardio and most people don't, but I have to say that I do! I love the feeling, but I just have to watch how much I push myself. I felt like I was going too hard at one point and did a pulse check and yes, I was pushing too hard so eased up. This all means that I'm really not following his cardio plan as I'm not nearly fit enough (yet!) but he says we should modify it to make sure it works for us, so that's all good.

It's really amazing what just 5 days can do! I already feel stronger, I can tell my leg muscles are getting firmer... Why did I wait so long?

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