Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 1 Tommy Europe's 10-Pound Shred

I've been trying to get into my summer clothes lately. They're not very flattering--and some don't fit at all. *gulp* As I am wont to do, I have been making progress and regressing and making progress again lately with food choices, but the inconsistency isn't helping me any and I'm not getting any exercise in. I really don't like how low my fitness level is.

For the next 31 days (including today), I will blog about my experience with Tommy Europe's 10-Pound Shred: From Flab to Fit in 4 Weeks, which I started today. (If you have this book and are reading and have been procrastinating doing it, or maybe you have some other program you are procrastinating, please join me!) Tommy is a Canadian fitness trainer and former pro football player. I learned about him when I was watching The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp on TV. I saw his book last year in the store and picked it up, started it and... I'm not sure what. lol. I do remember starting the program and then realizing about a week in that I was not repeating the daily sequences as indicated. Oops. I restarted a few times, but don't think I ever made it to the end. I can't remember if I just found it too challenging or what.

I am sooooo out of shape that I know I will have to modify the program, but that's okay: I can do it all again afterwards at a higher level. Today was just the "get yourself oriented" day. I took my measurements (gulp) and did the fitness test. I had to modify it and still had a time score of beginner. Ah well. I knew my fitness level was low. Modifications were in part because I could feel my knees telling me no more (squats and lunges) and there was just no possible way I was going to do as many sit-ups and push-ups as he said. It was simply not possible. Not unless I was going to be working at what is supposed to be about a 5-minute (okay, in my case it was closer to 10-minute) test for 30+ minutes. I wrote down the modifications so that I have something to compare to next time.

As part of the program, I'm not allowed to weigh myself again for 2 weeks. And I'm supposed to follow his meal plan, which I can't do due to food allergies and there are some foods I simply don't like. :P And I have a family to feed and they definitely won't eat some of the supper options (salmon? curry chicken? nope). I'm going to have to fiddle around with it.

So, here's to day 1 of my flab-free life. lol. Please send positive thoughts my way because I'm going to need all the help I can get!

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