Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 4--TGIF!

I'm only at day 4? lol. This week seems to have dragged on so long, I was sure I had done more than that, but I guess not. TGIF!!!

I still did not manage to set my alarm early enough to fit in all of today's workout. I wonder if it's actually set up to gradually add more time each day! lol. Today was resistance day: treadmill warm up, then a sequence of 8 resistance exercises done all the way through 3 times, followed up by a treadmill cool down. I had to cut back on some of the rest times and even on the cool down. I'll get this figured out eventually.

Food-wise yesterday: Um... Not sure. Yesterday was "one of those days". I did not give into sweets or anything and didn't go crazy with horrible food, I just can't remember clearly enough what I ate. It was decent though. It hit me, though, that I'm going to have to work at eliminating certain foods, like bread. *sob* Unless I can find some that doesn't have chemicals and white sugar added to it. Even my soy yogurt will have to go: I had a look at the ingredients yesterday and was not impressed. Dextrose is one of the ingredients that comes to mind. :( *sigh* At some point, I'm going to have to accept all the signs pointing me to a natural foods diet and stop resisting!

I do know what I'm having for lunch today: leftover Monkey Minestrone!

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