Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dairy-Free Ice Cream

I've had the following book for a few years now:


I have stuck mainly with but a few classic recipes and have so far loved them! The book is completely vegan, using soy creamer in almost all recipes, so not soy-free, but you could use something other than soy for the "milk" part of the recipe. I'm thinking I'd like to see how to replace the soy creamer with something non-soy, but I'm not sure I'm that culinarily creative.

Today I am making the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough recipe and have faced my constant problem with this recipe: the cookie dough instructions (delicious, absolutely delicious) leave a rather soupy consistency. And this is before adding any of the water he says to add. You're supposed to add a tablespoon at a time after you have the initial ingredients in place. If I did that, I really would have soup. As it is, the consistency is always too runny and I have to add more flour (almost twice as much) before I can start making anything that looks like cookie dough balls. I would suggest you try the same if you have this book. Despite this problem, this is my favourite recipe from the book!

I have been thinking to get in touch with Wheeler del Torro to find out if there is a mistake in the printing or what else he might suggest! But it just hit me today that by having nearly twice as much flour, I have much more cookie dough and it may be what makes the final product so darn yummy. :D

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