Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Listen to your body!

I have in my head, after writing "Listen to your body!" the song "Listen to Your Heart" by Roxette. And it being St. Valentine's Day and all, seems like an appropriate song to have in my head. :D

In any case, I just wanted to babble a bit about the messages our bodies give us. This is one of those days where my body is either speaking loudly--or I'm just paying more attention!

I woke up this morning feeling like I was coming down with something, not hungry, eventually ate a banana. Not hungry for a while, my stomach was grumbling though, decided to drink some water and saw another banana and went, "Mmm, that would be good." Nothing else was the least bit appetizing. Not even the frozen dessert made last night.

Lunch came around. I was starting to feel hungry a bit, but nothing seemed to appeal to me. I eventually settled on making a cucumber, celery, carrot salad (I won't share what I did--it wasn't a very good sauce lol). By the time I finished it, I was actually feeling quite a bit better. I decided to try my raw frozen dessert (YUM!), looked at the clock and it was about 12:15. The whole morning was raw! Woot! :D And rather unintentionally.

I was feeling like I needed something more, so I reheated some leftover rice. Again, it was one of those things of considering multiple options and when I saw the rice, I knew that was the thing to do.

After that, since we have a close-to-expiring cake mix, I made some Valentine's cupcakes. I naturally ate a couple. And now I have a headache. I was fine all day--until I had the cupcakes.

My body is telling me something!

How often do we ignore these signs? How often do we recognize them but continue on eating what causes the problems anyhow?

Someday I'll learn. Being very aware that this headache, and the blah accompanying it, came as a result of the cupcakes is definitely making me look at the cupcakes as evil little things--at least for the rest of today. lol. I really do have to try to make some raw cupcakes sometime. But I need to find one, or adapt one, so that there aren't any almonds!

All I really want now is water. I think I'll listen. :D

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