Monday, February 13, 2012

I am such a NOOB!

It's been an interesting day.

Interesting isn't the right word. It started out fine. Then grey clouds covered over the sky and the winds picked up and it seemed to set the mood. For me at least.

Someone had shared a raw dessert recipe in Twitter. I will try to find it later. It looks delicious though. But back to the point: I bought what I needed to and decided to make it today.

I set out my nuts to soak. Then I went on with my day.

When the main work part of the day was done, I decided to tackle making the dessert. I followed the instructions and put the Medjool dates and pecans in the food processor. I pulsed and pulsed and pulsed. Kept hearing a hard thing hit the sides. I figured it wasn't yet ready. I pulsed again. I tested as they indicated. Still some hard things. I pulsed again, even though the overall texture seemed more than fine. I stopped. Still these darn hard things.

I picked one out. I processed it as a very hard pecan that just wouldn't blend. You could see the marks where the blade had tried to and it didn't work. As I was throwing it out, I had the thought: "It looks and awful lot like a pit." Saw another one in the food processor. It is a pit.

The dates.

They weren't unpitted.

The recipe never said anything about pitting the dates, but I'm guessing that it's simply a given that you pit the dates before using or buy unpitted dates.


My adventure did not end there. It hit me that I had not taken out my frozen raspberries to thaw. Here I am, almost half-done the preparation, and the raspberries aren't thawed. And the package does not indicate a way to thaw them faster.

I continue with the rest of the preparations as slowly as possible. I mix in some multi-tasking: laundry and dealing with cat urine and working on St. Valentine's Day cards and dishes and... I finish the filling, other than the part with the raspberries, and the raspberries are nowhere near done.


Again, I'm such a noob! lol

Then there's supper to make while trying to finish a card and deal with the laundry and clean up messes and figure out what to do with the raspberries that are still nowhere near thawed... It's been "interesting".

We had supper, the raspberries still weren't thawed. Let me point out that I started making the dessert around 3pm and 3 hours later, it still wasn't ready. Not because it should take that long. lol.

My 14yo had a ballet lesson tonight, so off we went to that. The raspberries still thawing and the rest just patiently waiting. If the raspberries aren't fully thawed by the time we get home, I may just scream. ;) No, not really. I'm actually laughing a bit inside over it all.

It's a dessert that is supposed to be frozen before eating. I'll be able to finish it and freeze it overnight.

I may just have a raw frozen breakfast tomorrow morning. ;D

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