Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy, busy week

It's been a crazy busy week this week. It's left me finding it hard to figure out what to tackle first and it has led to, as it always does unfortunately, dropping all progress I was making with my eating. :( On top of that, we had a get-together yesterday where there were all kinds of yummy things. lol. Okay, well, I made one of the yummy things (pics and recipe review to come later!) and I ate one of the other yummy things (another vegan item), but that is actually it. I didn't want to ask everybody what was in what they brought, so I just stuck with what I knew to be dairy-free.

I did find I was kind of reacting later on in the afternoon. I don't think it would be from the cake I made--cake flour, sunflower oil, organic sugar, cocoa, vinegar, vanilla, rice milk, the usual baking powder and baking soda, I think that's all that's in it--but I'm wondering if it was from the vegan cupcakes. I'm guessing the vegan spread she used for the icing was a soy-based one and I don't think I normally react to soy the way I reacted to something yesterday (kind of like a sudden tightness/congestion in my lungs or bronchial area--I've had it before when I've had things with milk), but I reacted to something. That or my body got fed up with the level of grains and sugar the past week and was just trying to expel it! lol.

It always feels awful when life seems to take over and things back track, but I guess that's just how life is. I have time now to take life back over. Creating the drive to do so, especially after a not-very-good sleep, might take a little work. ;)

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