Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventures in molten-lava-cake-making

(Oops! Started this on Saturday and didn't get a chance to finish! lol)

I was hankering to try a lava cake recipe that I have in my Eat Your Cake and Vegan Too book, so I decided yesterday to make it.

For some reason, I couldn't keep straight the ingredients I needed to pull out and how much to measure of each one. I kept having to look over and over. Got the cocoa and the sifter, then proceeded to put the first tablespoon of cocoa directly into the other dry ingredients instead of through the sifter first. lol. Sifted the rest.

The liquid part went fine. So did making the lava part of it.

I went to spray my rice cooker (yes, you make it in a rice cooker!) with vegetable oil spray as indicated, but didn't have any. I remembered that I had a reusable one, but it's either clogged or broken, as I discovered. Ended up just greasing it with some vegan (and gluten-free) Becel. It worked fine, as it turns out.

The instructions said that if you just have a simple rice cooker, just start. So I did that. If you wanted a lava cake, you needed to check it after about 20 minutes; if you just wanted a cake, let it go until it stopped.

My rice cooker stopped after about 10 minutes.

I had no idea what to do. This was completely unexpected. I looked at it. Definitely not ready to eat. I decided to leave it in the machine for another 10 minutes, to complete the 20 minutes indicated in the book, but it turns out that was too much and I didn't have much of a lava cake. :( It tasted pretty good though, which, of course, is all that matters in the end. ;)

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