Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Clutter-Free

There was a radio ad the other day, a Home Depot add, that talked about getting rid of the clutter. Or "Conquering the Clutter", I think is what they said. My ears perked up: I'm all for being motivated at conquering the clutter in my house in effective and efficient ways.

Their solution to conquering the clutter?

Purchase some of their storage solutions.

Um. Hm.

That is not conquering clutter.

Conquering clutter is about getting rid of the clutter and about not letting things that are immediate clutter into the house.

It is not about hiding it in a storage drawer.

I will therefore use the ad as a reminder that I have great resources at my disposal, like FlyLady (and her book Sink Reflections) and various books and websites and articles (and tapping!) that have come my way, and that I should take some action and get rid of some stuff! Not just pack it away somewhere!

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