Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Key to Being Free

I saw this on Denis Waitley's Facebook page today:

"People waste most of their waking hours every day going through the motions, chatting idly, shuffling paper, putting off decisions, reacting, majoring in minors and concentrating on trivia. They spend their time in low priority tension relieving, rather than high priority goal-achieving activities." -- Denis Waitley

This speaks to me as this has been how things have felt lately. Going through the motions. Relieving tension rather than focusing on goal-achieving activities.

I think we all go through these phases. The trick, the key, is to realize we're in it and start taking actions on things that are important to us. Yes, the trivia does have to be taken care of and, let's face it, some days are just full of all kinds of emergency-type items we either have to take care of or delegate. Like the day last week where I ended up with a flat tire. Taking care of it had nothing to do with achieving long-term goals, but it had to be done.

If you are finding yourself in one of these phases, pick something, right now, that you will do ASAP. Don't wait until you feel like it. Stop yourself from any procrastinating and just do something about it. Writing this post is one of my actions. I'm now going to find the novel I started writing and haven't touched in a few weeks and start moving on it. And I'm going to eat that half of a grapefruit that's in the fridge that I keep putting off eating.

What about you? What actions are you going to take today?

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