Monday, January 28, 2013

Brief Update!

I missed -Free Recipe Friday.

I don't have a menu plan for this week.

Way too much going on lately. This next week isn't really any better and has more added in, really.

On a positive note, nothing heard back from the doctor, which means my daughter is not celiac, didn't test positive for whatever gluten sensitivity it is they test for and there are no issues with her thyroid.

On the flip side, not having to avoid wheat means she's been eating a lot of wheat. And more stomach complaints have popped up. And I can tell I'm not feeling as well as I did when we were gluten-free. I have no idea how this will play out this week, but I am doing what I can to at least see about a gluten-free food option before I eat something else.

I haven't been exercising, but I need to start again. At least my evening yoga--my neck and back and knees/IT band are not happy with me! In a few weeks, I have a parent duty day at a homeschool co-op in a church with 3 stories and a whole lot of stairs to go up and down. No, we're not allowed to use the elevator. My knees and IT band are going to need me to be in better shape! And I'll have to do some serious yoga afterward.

Where am I going with this? No clue. I had the kind of weekend where I need another weekend to recover. :P

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