Monday, January 7, 2013

Best. Ice Cream. Ever.

I decided to treat myself this past weekend and bought a container of

It does have soy, but it's vegan, which makes it dairy-free. This particular amazing kind is Turtle Trails. It has some caramel swirls in the ice cream itself and the chocolate balls (you can sort of see a couple) have crunchy caramel/toffee inside.

Don't let anybody tell you that soy ice cream can't be as good as "the real thing": this is, I believe, the best ice cream I have ever eaten. It is a really good thing that it comes in small containers and is so expensive because I'd possibly be eating tons of this stuff otherwise.

On another note, I have been doing the PrayFit, but not really journalling or anything. I did end up skipping yesterday--on purpose. There is always a lesson to be learned and mine this time around:

If you are prone to a tight neck and upper back,
stretch, stretch, stretch after doing 
as many
push-ups as you can!

I started having issues with extremely tight neck and shoulders and pain, and did begin stretching and had two non-exercise days as part of the program where I stretched on those days, but I apparently didn't stretch enough or the right thing. After stretching yesterday, it's starting to feel like it's all "okay". Tight, but okay. 

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