Monday, March 26, 2012

Leaning into it

I decided to weigh myself a couple of times this week. Why? Because I felt I looked a bit different and wanted to see. Indeed, two pounds have come off and stayed off.

I thought back to what I did this past week in terms of food (exercise wasn't any different--as in 0 exercise this past good while), so it had to be food. Was I eating less? Eating fewer grains? Eating healthier grains when I did eat grains? I'm not tracking my food (maybe I should) so I can't be certain, but I do know that I had a few lunches of brown rice with veggies, did turn to fruits and veggies more most days... Started several days off with fruit. That's about all I can come up with. lol. Over all, yes, it was a healthier week, even if a couple of days were grain-heavy.

Another aspect that is changing is I've been working at chewing more and eating more mindfully. This led to me eating white rice last night and not being very impressed. There's pretty much no texture to it, it gets chewed very quickly with little flavour. No wonder my family puts soy sauce or Braggs on their rice! (I've never liked the taste; I usually put just a bit of vegan margarine but didn't this past week and didn't last night, which perhaps emphasized the reality of how "yuck" white rice really is.) Compared with the mindful eating of the brown jasmine rice earlier, it was really not good. The brown jasmine rice was tasty without anything added to it, nice and chewy, too. On that bad food side, I can't remember what it was that I ate but it was something not at all good for us and I was really struck by the taste and texture--and not in a good way. So, my advice to you: eat mindfully! Be really aware of what you are eating and the after effects. It can really change what you end up choosing to eat. The mentality starts leaving of "I should eat brown instead of white rice" to "I really do prefer the brown rice. Why would I want the white rice?"

Kathy Freston really encourages leaning into veganism. It's nice. It's gentle. You take whichever step you can at the moment you are in. I am confident that I will make the whole switch over time. Not sure how long--hopefully within the next year. But I'm doing it. I've been doing it. And I'll keep doing it. :)


  1. I actually find that intuitive eating works best for me. I eat what my body tells me it needs and stop when I'm full. When I document what I'm eating, I tend to want to eat all the time. Now, I need to work on that chewing thing.

    1. I have to check my settings--I didn't get a notification about your comment!

      That's interesting that you want to eat more when you document what you're eating. It's kind of like focusing on food more means you want it more?

      I keep reading how important chewing is. It pulverizes things properly to maximize digestion and gets the enzymes in our mouth mixed in, which further helps digestion. And really, if it's good food, it just helps with the enjoyment. :D