Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Finding *Your* "Thing"

I suppose this post isn't really about helping you to find your "thing" as it is about me finding, reconnecting, with mine, but I write it in hopes that it will help you, too, find or reconnect with your "thing."

My "thing" for a long time has been writing. I have known--okay, sort of seen and suspected it--since I was in elementary school (some of you might call that grade school). I didn't do much writing in jr. high and high school, but since university, I have dabbled on and off. In recent years, I have felt very strongly that writing is what I really want to do, what I'm called to do, that I ought to be spending more time on it, and yet... I don't. Or I do, but sporadically.

Today, after some thinking and praying and meditating lately, I determinedly got back into my "thing." It wasn't without some difficulties, trying to find a novel I had started working on last November during NaNoWriMo, not finding my zip drive, lamenting the knowledge there's a copy on an out-of-commission laptop, unable to remember the online site I was originally using (turned out to be Yarny.me) and then unable to remember my password... My intention to spend from 6:15-7 this morning writing turned out to be much less than that. ;) But what little I did... I knew I was in my element. I knew it was my "thing." How did I know? I felt blissful and energized. Just writing a single paragraph. I loved what I was doing and had I not had to get myself moving and actually get dressed, I could have spent a long time just sitting there, writing. I see this same bliss and energy in my 15-year old daughter when she is creating art, clothing, stories or poems (she seems to have more than just one "thing"!)

Quote by Joseph Campbell; image by 8WomenDream.com

I've had the same feeling before when working on blog or website posts, sometimes during the writing phase and other times during the research. The feeling is so... right. Like I've truly connected with some truth about myself. The trick now is to learn to manage my time so I can indulge in my "thing" every day! :)

Have you found your thing? What is it? Or maybe you have more than one? What led you to finding it or realizing that it was the one?

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