Saturday, August 24, 2013

Wacky Dream

I will at some point get back into writing about food and health topics, but today's post isn't about either one, unless it was something I ate? lol

I just woke up from the most bizarre dream. My 15-year old daughter is supposed to be going on a day trip with a church youth group today and in my dream, it's the morning of, like it is in realy life, we are outside and she tells me her friend isn't going after all because of something I can't remember. She forwards me the text she got, but more than just that message gets sent. I don't get a chance to see it all when we have to go in for some reason, but my curiosity is piqued because it seems from other messages that ended up getting sent in the forward that the girl wasn't going due to being punished for something. But a discussion starts about my daughter not wanting to go now that her friend wasn't going.

"What? We won't get the $40 registration fee back." More about the only reason she was going was because this other friend was going. All of a sudden, a young woman we know shows up. We start all eating at the table and I decide I should get her opinion while I wait for my husband to get up so I can ask him his. There's mention of it just being boys she knows in the group and no girls and it would be awkward. The young woman takes Emilie's side. I say something about the other friends she had said were going, too. She looks down as she responds something and I tell her I know she was lying about something or had lied about something. I then say rather tensely, "You are going to have to pay me back the $40," knowing that my daughter doesn't have a job and no money left in her wallet. (Why is the $40 so important? lol) I go back outside to pick things up we had left and to try to see the rest of the text, and I see the girl she was supposed to be going on this day trip with is sitting beside her on the sofa. (Where did she come from all of a sudden? No clue. But the other young lady is miraculously gone!) I come back in within a minute to ask what the friend is doing at our place if she can't go on the trip and what are we supposed to do with her and don't get a chance: there are 3 older teen boys I don't know in my house (which isn't actually our real house; it was like a little apartment in a single-level house or something), two are laying on some sort of a futon watching TV and my daughter's on the futon with them! They're even holding beers that they've already mostly drunk. My daughter sits up when I ask, "What is going on here?", but she is holding a tall glass of milk, at least, and not a beer. (lol)

I get angry and start getting these guys--all truly young men, not short, skinny teens or anything--to get to the door, grabbing the beers out of their hands and just get really angry at them. "This is illegal! What gave you the right to go and grab beers?" is one thing I remember saying. One guy answers back in a matching tone about how you just go grab something from the fridge when you're at someone's place. I yell back, no, you don't and we start arguing and I end up pointing my finger at him, saying something about I"m teaching him proper manners here and you need to always ask (and he was actually kind of calming down and accepting that I was right) but I couldn't continue as my mouth was drying up and I was finding it hard to talk. I was suddenly awake, my mouth open and dry. And I felt a bit of a shake as though I might actually have been moving my arm in my sleep. I realized it was just a dream--and was very thankful for it!

So, was it something I ate? lol. We did have company last night and all kinds of food... ;)

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