Sunday, June 16, 2013

30-Day Challenge - Day 7 - Quick Check-In

I have been doing the challenge! (What about you? :) It's not too late to start! You could do a 21-day challenge instead!) I haven't updated in part because I had my laptop monitor start going which involved a mad scramble to try to transfer things and figure out how to use Gmail (and if it's worth using Gmail over Yahoo Mail) so that I can have everything web-based and not have to worry again about losing emails and such because of a faulty computer. (Although, I admit it, I still worry that Google could lose everything on me! :o )

In any case, I'll keep this short and sweet: I did my 7th day in a row of the last sequence in the Pain Free book. I'm amazed at how quickly the exercises work! I went walking up stairs and escalators the other day at a good pace and it was so much easier--and painless--than I so often experience. I couldn't do as many repetitions as he said to do on Day 1, but was able to do all of the reps today. Still can't get to that 90-second mark for the wall bench (and he wants you to actually hold it 3 minutes), but I remember a year and a half to two years ago, I could not even get into a proper wall sit it hurt my knees so much. I'm glad to see this progress! If you have any kind of chronic/recurring pain condition, I strongly urge you to get this book!

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