Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What to Eat, What to Eat...

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter decided she didn't feel any different when she was eating wheat, so while she still would turn to some gluten-free things now and then during the week, she didn't restrict herself from eating wheat the way she had been.

Then she had a weekend that had a lot of wheat.

And her stomach ended up with two days of stabbing pains.

So, now we're back to no-wheat/gluten-free (except one or two meals per week).

And on top of trying to adjust back to wheat-free, we're both sick.

And she's super stressed with school and therefore, combined with not feeling well, gets very super stressed with something as simple figuring out what to eat for lunch.

I've made her lunch two days in a row. A kind of chicken fried rice yesterday and then I created a teriyaki bowl (with quinoa--first time using quinoa!) today. (I have a picture of the broccoli and yellow pepper cooking with a garlic clove in the pan, but forgot to take a picture of the rest!)

I've tried two new things in two days. I'm beat. lol.

Now I have to figure out a supper. And I'm so tired, I just can't even think and nothing sounds appealing.

I'm not in the mood for beef; we had chili with beef (and noodles) yesterday. I had chicken two lunches in a row. The supper needs to have at least some wheat-free food for me and my daughter (I've gone back to wheat-free although am not going to freak out about tasting to see if wheat noodles are ready or not). And it has to have a dairy-free element for me.

It would be much simpler if we were all accustomed to eating a raw vegan diet, wouldn't it?

But that kind of change for tonight requires energy and thought capacity, both of which I'm lacking.

I have a bunch of leftover cooked quinoa from lunch. Might be able to find something to do with it.

I saw that we have frozen hash browns. (Can hash browns be turned into a supper?)

We have ground beef and frozen chicken in the freezer. I don't want either one.

We had kidney beans yesterday and I'm not in the mood for more beans today.

I don't have any potatoes left--other than the frozen hash browns.

I don't have any tomatoes (neither canned nor fresh) left.

Maybe my real problem is not what to eat for supper but that I need some groceries.

I could have a each-to-their-own supper evening, but I know what that will lead to with my 15yo: "I don't know what to eat..."

I think I'll go rummage through the fridge, freezers and cupboards, see what I might come up with.

What do you do on days where you're just not up to snuff and don't feel like anything (and have food sensitivities to deal with!)?

(Did I really just write a post where most of it is made up of one-sentence paragraphs?)

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