Monday, May 20, 2013

Lessons in Self-Acceptance--from the Mountains

Have you ever seen the Rocky Mountains?

 Taken while we drove through Jasper National Park

Again, Jasper National Park

My husband and I drove to them this weekend, a little getaway before the final craziness of the school year. It's our third year in a row to do this; we find Jasper so beautiful and peaceful, it just a nice break.

As we drove toward Jasper this year, I was really noticing the mountains in some places, the different strata that got shoved up at an angle so many years ago when the tectonic plate got shoved up above another one.

Part of a line from the movie "Can't Buy Me Love" came to mind: "...and broke the moon." I saw these mountains as part of a broken Earth, and yet its brokenness is why we find these mountains so fascinating and beautiful. This thought connected me to a thought about our own self-acceptance of our bodies. Each one unique and we wouldn't want it any other way. I soon found myself writing this (as of yet title-less piece) while my husband drove:

We look at the mountains
and don't see:
they are the Earth

We see beyond that to their 
and beauty
in all their shapes and sizes.
Wondrous things to behold
filling us with awe.

What would happen if
we could look at ourselves
in the same way:
instead of fixating on
our brokennes
we could see beyond to 
our majesty
our beauty
in all our shapes and sizes,
and see that we, too, 
wondrous things to behold
and be in awe of ourselves?

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