Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 3 - Pre-Christmas Challenge: Avoid the junk!

I made it through Day 2 successfully! After finishing my post yesterday morning, I was thinking I hadn't really challenged myself enough. It was just too easy. Well, apparently, Day 1 was the honeymoon period for me!

By the time I finally got around to having breakfast, I was so hungry, I was just going to go with cereal or toast. When I remembered I wanted to start my day off with as much raw as I could handle, my insides did the whole childish, whiny, "Ugh." Good grief.  I did make myself a green smoothie and had a few bites of some leftover flaxseed coconut "cakes" (Ani Phyo's version of pancake) before heading out. Got home, had some more smoothie and that took me until lunch.

My smoothie was baby spinach, orange juice, water (not yet added in above picture), a banana, frozen blueberries and frozen raspberries. I also sprinkled some hemp seeds in it. With the raspberries, it was quite tart, so I added in some agave and saw the coconut oil there on the shelf, so added some of that in, too.

That part of the challenge taken care of, I kept reminding myself about the exercise: I needed to do it before we left for a family birthday party. I had a nap, got up, did not warm up at all (silly me) and went straight to the sequence I did on Day 1. That was a challenge. I feel like such a weakling. :( I could barely even do one set of 10 for the one exercise. (No wonder my IT band is messed up!) But I stuck with it and did a set of 10 for each one, trying to pay attention to form. I was feeling a little stiff yesterday from the previous session, despite having done yoga stretching right afterwards. I am even stiffer today! But that's good: it means it's working. lol. I know some say to take a day off between target muscle sessions, but I've also read the opposite: it can be better for women to not push quite as hard and to do some every day. Something to do with our muscle structure, it's just better for us, as well as helps keep the muscles leaner looking. I'll try to see if I can find something online about it and share it here. I read the article years ago!

Part two of the challenge was therefore taken care of! I wasn't feeling anymore like I wasn't challenging myself enough. Part three is yoga, which gotten taken care of after we got back from the party and before bed.

So, despite deciding that maybe I have given myself at least a bit of a challenge with my goals, I've decided to take each day to add a challenge that's just for that day. I do, after all, want to ideally lose 10 lbs (even 5 lbs would be fantastic) which isn't going to happen just with the goals I've set for myself. The day's challenge can carry over, but it doesn't have to. Today's challenge, and I invite you to join me on it, is to avoid the junk. My junk lately has been leftover Halloween candy, chocolate chips, these yummy cookies we bought, corn Tostitos with Daiya cheese... None of that today! Oy!

What's your junk of late? You think you can manage to avoid it for a day?

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