Friday, August 24, 2012

100 Days of Yoga!

Last fall, to get back into exercise, I gave myself a challenge: Do yoga every day. I think it was for a month. Then it extended to two months. Then I got sick and didn't feel up to it and/or was sleeping too late in the morning (I thought) to do it.

After months of no consistent physical activity since then other than going up and down the stairs throughout the day in my 4-level split (thank God for that!), with my back and knees getting worse and worse, I have finally decided I've had enough and I want to be free of the limitations. So, I gave myself a challenge: 100 days straight of yoga. Even if it's just 10 minutes, I need to do yoga every day.

I am on Day 11 today (haven't done any yet today) [correction added: Today is Day 12. I'd better keep track of this or I'll never hit 100. ;)]. My back is already getting better and I have weak muscles (like glutes) getting worked. (Don't ever, ever think that yoga is just stretching! It definitely works your muscles!) I can't say my knees are feeling much better yet, but I haven't been doing the IT band sequence very consistently.

Would you care to join me in the challenge? Maybe 100 days seems like too much; how about just a week? It can help to keep us going when we know others are doing it with us!

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