Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I LOVE My New Diffuser!

My poor old diffuser got knocked down a couple of times onto cement. It still worked, but after internal plastic pieces finally broke off, the mist/vapour just isn't doing what its supposed to.

So, I finally decided to dish out the $$ for another one. They had changed the design, so I was just expecting it to look like this:

which I thought was pretty neat compared to the other model I have.

But then, I got it and saw what it could do.

I feel silly for what I'm about to say, even just let out an embarrassed little chuckle as I got ready to type this, but I'm going to say it anyhow: I fell completely in love and got so excited about it when I discovered its nighttime secret:

It looks even cooler in real life! My husband thought I was crazy, I'm sure, getting so excited over a diffuser that lights up. I even turned off the lights last night and didn't read as I had intended to because I wanted the full effect of the blue glow. lol

If you are in Canada or Singapore, you can get this diffuser. If you are in the US, sorry, you're out of luck, which is ironic since it's usually we Canadians who can't get many of the US products. Elsewhere? I'm not sure.

You'll  probably notice the price and go, "Oh my word!" But wait! If you actually sign up as a member, you can get it with the basic starter kit for cheaper and if you want to start off with a collection of oils to go with your diffuser, you can get the Premium Starter Kit which includes the diffuser, samples and the Everyday Essential Oils kit for an amazing price. (In the US, you have more starter kit selections--you just get a different diffuser.)

If you do sign up wherever you are, please do use my Young Living ID for your enroller and sponsor number: 1772120.

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