Sunday, October 6, 2013

Care to Help?

I have two local fundraising situations I would like to share with you today:

The first, and the time is running out on this one, is an inner-city mom here died of AIDS recently, and her kids--a mix of adult and school-aged kids--are trying to provide a nice funeral. And I don't mean a ridiculously overpriced funeral. They have had some things donated and the person helping them out is only lookin for $1500. VERY reasonable. In any case, the kids are less than $300 away from the money they need for the funeral. And there are only 3 days left. If everyone reading could donate even just $10, it would mean so much!

Full details:

The other fundraising opportunity I want to tell you about is a little girl named Teagan. She suffered a severe seizure a couple of years ago that damaged her brain. There is a therapy available that can help her, but it is expensive and our Canadian healthcare does not cover it. You can read all about it and see their donations page here:

If you are in Canada, I will be doing a fundraiser for them through Stampin' Up! and you can help out that way, too! I will post more information at a later date.

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