Monday, March 25, 2013

One Day Can Undo It All

I was very "good" last week, having smoothies every morning, staying raw through until the afternoon (although I had steamed broccoli for lunch one day, but it was still veggies)--essentially, over 50% of my diet was raw fruits and veggies--and was feeling better and was 3 pounds down (nice to get rid of some of the excess water on me!)

And then I had yesterday.

And those 3 pounds are instantly back.

I feel gross. Even before I weighed myself (which I did because I thought the jeans I put on shouldn't have been as tight as they were!), I could feel it. Blech. Hardly any fruits and veggies yesterday, lots of processed grains, sugar... I just feel blech.

Back today to what makes me feel good!

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